Beijing Zhenguang Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Elight Technology Co.,Ltd Science and Technology Donates to Xin Yang Guan Miao No. 2 Primary School


Love shapes the future, while genuine affection ignites hope. On the 9th of September, amidst the brisk autumn air of the revolutionary old area of Xinyang, Beijing Elight Technology Co., Ltd. conducted a targeted donation event at the Second Primary School in Guanmiao Town, Shangcheng County, Xinyang City, Henan Province. Representing Beijing Elight Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise from Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, a delegation traversed mountains and rivers to donate over 500 volumes of books filled with the heartfelt contributions of all employees, sports equipment, 8 air conditioners, schoolbags, and various teaching aids worth nearly 50,000 yuan to the Second Primary School in Guanmiao Town, further enhancing the teaching and living conditions for the teachers and students.

The donation ceremony commenced amidst the solemn strains of the national anthem, with the Young Pioneers of the Second Primary School in Guanmiao Town adorning the guests with red scarves. Wang Xueli, representing Beijing    Elight Technology Co., Ltd., expressed: "The Second Primary School is where I received my early education. Here, I found my dearest and most understanding companions, the sincerest and most nurturing teachers, and the most beautiful and warm childhood... I hope that the younger students cherish their time here and embrace the future. Leveraging the platform of our company this time, we hope to contribute to the development of our alma mater in whatever small way we can. May my alma mater remain forever youthful, producing more outstanding students, and achieving greater glory!"



At the donation ceremony, Jin Ling, the administrative manager of Beijing Elight Company, expressed on-site: "As a high-tech enterprise in the capital, Beijing Elight Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to pay attention to and support the development of education in Guanmiao Town. We will establish a long-term targeted assistance relationship with the Second Primary School in Guanmiao Town, taking the school's development and the healthy growth of the students as our responsibility, and working together with the entire school community to enhance the high-quality development of education at the Second Primary School in Guanmiao Town. We also hope that the students will have lofty aspirations, excel in their studies, strengthen their bodies, and temper their wills, becoming pillars of society and giving back to their hometowns and families, and repaying society!"

Beijing Elight Technology Co., Ltd. donated over 500 volumes of various books including natural sciences, history, and Chinese literature, providing sports equipment for all students, and purchasing over a hundred schoolbags and other learning tools for impoverished students, enriching the extracurricular lives of the children, expanding their reading horizons, enhancing their reading abilities, and providing better conditions for them.

Finally, Zhang Hao, the deputy mayor of Guanmiao Town, Shangcheng County, warmly welcomed and thanked Beijing Elight Technology Co., Ltd. for its generous donation. "Many hands make light work," and we hope that more people will pay attention to our hometown, our schools, and contribute their efforts to the education cause in the Dabie Mountain area. Li Yongliang, the principal of the Second Primary School in Guanmiao Town, expressed sincere respect and heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all the teachers and students to Beijing    Elight Technology Co., Ltd. They pledged to make good use of the donated items, fully realizing their value, and not letting down the sincere intentions of Beijing Elight Technology Co., Ltd. and General Manager Mei Hua.



It is understood that Beijing Elight Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to mobilize the company's strength, call on more partners from surrounding enterprises, and gather more kindness to bring more love and warmth to the children in the Dabie Mountain area!